Service Cloud コンサルタント PR

Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant V17.35 #51〜60



Validate that you have the knowledge to design and implement a Service Cloud solution as a consultant.


試験種別 Service-Cloud-Consultant
Ver 17.35


Cloud Kicks (CK) has recently started using Entitlements within its support process. However, CK has found many cases with inaccurate dat a. As many Entitlements are similarly named, service agents are selecting Entitlements that are not associated with the Account assigned on the Case. What is the recommended method to meet the requirements?

  • Lookup Filter
  • Auto-Add Milestones
  • Cross-Object Formula
  • Approval Process
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    What approach should a Consultant use to ensure that Knowledge searches only display articles for a service agent’s product specialization?

    • Create a page layout for each record type; assign layouts to service agents.
    • Create a data category for each product; assign data categories to service agents.
    • Create a permission set for each record type; assign permissions to service agents.
    • Create an article action for each record type; assign record types to service agents.
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      “Universal Containers has tested skills-based routing in a sandbox and is ready to deploy to production.
      Which two deploy solutions should a consultant to ensure skills-based routing is operational in Production?”

      • Change Sets
      • Mass Transfer Records
      • Data Import Wizard
      • Data Loader
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        “Universal Containers wants customers to have the ability to log cases with structured data and route based on Urgency and Product Line.
        How should a Consultant accomplish this?”

        • Standard Email-to-Case with assignment rules
        • Lightning Email with web routing prioritization
        • Omni-Channel with prioritized queues
        • Standard Web-to-Case with assignment rules
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          A company has implemented Salesforce Service Cloud. The company needs Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure that its customer support service center is profitable. Which three metrics can be used to help executive management understand service center costs? Choose 3 answers

          • All open Cases by Priority
          • All open cases by Channel
          • All Cases closed Month-to-date
          • Case resolution time
          • All Cases by Customer
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            “A recent review of customer satisfaction surveys revealed the support center does a poor job of upseting new products to customers. Customers report dissatisfaction when calling for troubleshooting, billing, enrollment, or similar issues and receiving a sales pitch. However, customers that have been upsold new products are two times more likely to remain a customer.
            What is the recommended method to ensure upselling only occurs when customers are likely to be receptive to the offer?”

            • Validation Rules
            • Einstein Next Best Action
            • Service Analytics Predictions
            • Einstein Reply Recommendations
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              “Universal Containers has completed development and testing of its Service Cloud implementation and plans to migrate functionality from the sandbox environment to the production environment.
              What should be used for migration functionality?”

              • Visual Workflow, data loader, and IDE
              • Visual Studio Code and change sets
              • Data loader, change sets, and Excel Connector
              • Mass Transfer Records, change sets, and Visual Studio Code
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                “Universal Containers is preparing to implement Service Cloud for its global Support team. Requirements gathering sessions have resulted in a large set of required deliverables.
                What should a consultant recommend as the next step?”

                • Prioritize the requirements based on who submitted them.
                • Identify the requirements needed for initial GoLive.
                • Provide a timeline that addresses all the requirements.
                • Organize the requirements from largest to smallest.
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                  Universal Containers (UC) added a channel to the Service Cloud deployment. UC wants the functionality to include the ability to log the case thread and store attachments to the case record. Which channel should a consultant recommend to meet these requirements?

                  • Email-to-case
                  • Social Customer Service
                  • Chat
                  • Web-to-case
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                    “The Support Manager at Universal Containers is getting inaccurate agent performance reports. After researching the data, the Salesforce Administrator has identified hundreds of cases that are closed, but still owned by a queue.
                    Which two solutions should a Consultant recommend to correct this problem? Choose 2 answers”

                    • Create a case assignment rule to ensure cases are owned by a user when closed.
                    • Use a data tool to update the owner field on closed cases to change th
                    • Create a Process Builder and Flow to change the owner on closed cases.
                    • Create a case validation rule to ensure cases are owned by a user when closed.
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