Service Cloud コンサルタント PR

Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant V17.35 #61〜70



Validate that you have the knowledge to design and implement a Service Cloud solution as a consultant.


試験種別 Service-Cloud-Consultant
Ver 17.35


“Universal Containers wants to implement a customer service site. The goal of the site is to enable community members to access, create, and manage cases online.
How should the consultant implement these requirements?”

  • Change the org-wide default for cases and contacts internal access to private.
  • Update the case assignment rule to add the site member to the predefined case team.
  • Create a sharing rule to share the contact record with the site member.
  • Set up a sharing set to grant access based on the site member’s contact record.
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    The contact center at Universal Containers offers support through phone, email, public website, and a Community. The contact center manager wants to demonstrate the success of recent self-service initiatives to executive management. Which two reports should the contact center manager present to executive management? Choose 2 answers

    • Number of cases closed by self-service users.
    • Average call handle time by team.
    • Number of Knowledge articles created each month.
    • Number of cases created using Communities by month.
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      “Service Console users work on dozen of cases at one time, and often need to update a case they worked on earlier in the day.
      What configuration should a consultant recommend?”

      • Keep all open in tabs.
      • Use a second Console session.
      • Define a custom List View.
      • Add History to the Utility bar.
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        Service Representatives are complaining that their Lightning Service Console is too crowded making it difficult to find the tabs and features they need. After reviewing the Service Representatives console use, all configured features are required. Which solution should a Consultant suggest to improve the efficiency of console users?

        • Enable Keyboard shortcuts
        • Define criteria-based record page components
        • Configure Macros
        • Create multiple Console layouts
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          “Cloud Kicks (CK) provides customized support based on product line and plans to expand from voice-only support Support agents are certified on one or more specific product lines.
          CK would like to provide support through chat, social, email, video, and web and are striving for a consistent customer experience. Agents will be trained in one or two of the new support methods, in addition to voice support.
          What is the recommended solution to meet the requirements?”

          • Knowledge One with Article Recommendations
          • Experience Cloud with self-support
          • Omni-Channel with Skills-Based Routing.
          • Live Agent and Live Message
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            Universal Containers is considering a Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) implementation. Which three benefits can be expected from KCS adoption? Choose 3 answers

            • Increased call deflection
            • Increased call routing accuracy
            • Reduced issue resolution time
            • Reduced support channels
            • Optimized use of resources
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              Universal Containers has defined a set of steps that each Case must go through, from submission to closure. In addition, each step must be completed within a specific amount of time. What approach should a consultant recommend to meet these requirements?

              • Configure Case Escalation Rules.
              • Define Entitlement and Milestones.
              • Use Process Builder with Scheduled Actions
              • Enable Omni-Channel Routing.
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                “Universal Containers is using the Lightning Service Console for managing cases and wants to add a softphone to enable click-to-call capability.
                Which three configurations are needed for the softphone to work in Salesforce? Choose 3 answers”

                • Install an adapter from AppExdiange to work with third-party CTI systems.
                • Enable Live Agent in their community to chat with an agent.
                • Assign the correct Salesforce users to the Call Center.
                • Create a softphone layout and assign to user profiles.
                • Assign the Salesforce CTI license to Salesforce users.
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                  “Universal Containers wants to maintain Service Level Agreements on its customer cases. Customers are provided different service levels based on their Services agreement. The VP of Customer Service wants to use Service Cloud to track and ensure senior management is alerted when cases have NOT completed certain stages.
                  Which Service Cloud feature should the Consultant recommend to address this requirement? ”

                  • Salesforce Console
                  • Entitlements and Milestones
                  • Case Escalation
                  • Case Assignment
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                    Universal Containers (UC) wants to implement Service Cloud using Agile methodology. How should the consultant recommend delivering a successful implementation?

                    • set a cutoff date of 1.5 months before user acceptance testing for any change requests.
                    • Generate continuous feedback from the project team, and adjust the requirements and deliverables accordingly.
                    • Deliver the entire project simultaneously so as to present UC with a completed solution.
                    • Schedule a meeting with the UC executives at the start of the project to generate all the requirements.
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