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Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant V17.35 #71〜80



Validate that you have the knowledge to design and implement a Service Cloud solution as a consultant.


試験種別 Service-Cloud-Consultant
Ver 17.35


Which search mechanism should be used to find case comments from within the lightning service console?

  • Search utility component
  • Comment search component
  • Comments list view
  • Global search
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    A Contact Center Manager is implementing a new customer care program and wants to specifically measure customer loyalty.Which three measures satisfy this requirement? Choose 3 answers

    • customer satisfaction Survey
    • Net promoter Score
    • Customer Purchase History
    • Customer Support Requests
    • Service Level Agreement
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      “Field engineers often need to access current inventory levels of products the customer has purchased while at customer sites.
      Which solution should a Consultant recommend to meet this requirement?”

      • Implement Field Service Lightning.
      • Integrate with an enterprise resource planning system.
      • Develop and publish a knowledge management system
      • Configure Visual Flows on Salesforce mobile.
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        “After migrating from Knowledge to Lightning Knowledge, Authors are unable to create FAQ article type, but can successfully create Install Notes articles type. Support Managers have confirmed that articles of types FAQ exist in Production.
        How should a consultant correct this problem”

        • Grant Authors access to the FAQ article type.
        • Set article Org Wide Default to Public ReadWrite.
        • Add Authors to the FaQ Data Category.
        • Grant Authors access to the FaQ record type
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          Universal Containers has four internal divisions that use Salesforce Knowledge. Compliance requirements mandate that each division should only have access to its own articles when performing a search. Which solution should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?

          • Create separate data category groups for each division and assign the category to a division profile.
          • Create a sharing rule for each division to provide access using the role hierarchy.
          • Create a sharing rule for each division to provide access based on criteria of the article.
          • Create a single data category group for each division and provide access using the role hierarchy.
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            “Universal Containers ‘IT policy prevents third-party software from being installed on employee computers. However, the VP of Service has asked that cases be automatically created from customer emails.
            What solution should a consultant recommend?”

            • Email-to-Case
            • web-to-Case
            • An AppExchange package
            • On-Demand Email-to-Case
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              A consultant has been hired to integrate a client’s phone system with the Salesforce Service Console. What are two key considerations for this integration? Choose 2 answers

              • CTI Adapter configuration
              • Lightning Console enablement
              • Call Center Definition File creation
              • Service Console case creation configuration
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                What are three considerations when adding a report chart to a Console Component? Choose 3 answers

                • The report is shared with a Chatter Group.
                • The report contains a chart.
                • The report has a standard Report Type.
                • The report is a Summary or Matrix report. The report chart is added to the Page Layout.
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                  How should a Consultant provide Suggested Article functionality to Lightning Service Console users?

                  • Add the Knowledge Component to the Service Console.
                  • Add the Knowledge tab to the Console app.
                  • Create email templates with Knowledge Articles attached.
                  • Add the Suggested Article widget to the Case page layout.
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                    “Universal Containers wants Service Console users to be able to view and update product usage data that is stored in an external system.
                    Which two features should a consultant recommend to provide this functionality?
                    Choose 2 answers”

                    • Salesforce Connect
                    • Custom Objects
                    • Middle-tier integration
                    • External Objects
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