Service Cloud コンサルタント PR

Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant V17.35 #31〜40



Validate that you have the knowledge to design and implement a Service Cloud solution as a consultant.


試験種別 Service-Cloud-Consultant
Ver 17.35


“Universal containers is looking for ways to provide more proactive support and to promote its brand on the internet with minimal investment. A consultant recommends installing the Social Customer Service Start Pack.
Which two feature should the consultant recommend as part of the deployment?”

  • Select two Twitter or Facebook accounts.
  • Create and assign permission sets to give agents social account access.
  • Retrieve Social Studio credentials.
  • Enable the Moderation feature to automatically create cases from posts.
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    “Universal Containers has a policy that requires all email traffic to remain within its firewall. Currently, the company has 200 support agents handling email from five different time zones on its legacy system.
    When implementing Salesforce, what solution should a consultant recommend for this scenario? ”

    • Email-to-Case
    • Salesforce for Outlook
    • Web-to-Case
    • On-Demand Email-to-Case
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      “Support Managers have requested the ability to provide real-time feedback to Agents during customer chat sessions.
      What feature should a consultant configure to meet this requirement?”

      • Push Notifications
      • Case Feed
      • Omni-channel Supervisor
      • Next Best Actions
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        “Universal containers is trying to reduce the amount of time support agents spend creating cases. The new method case creation must allow for 4000 – 5000 new cases a day, as well as the attachment of documents under 25 MB by the customer.
        Which method should the consultant suggest?”

        • On-Demand Email-to-case
        • Standard email to case
        • Web to case forms
        • Omni channel routing
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          When Service Reps view a Case, they often need to see the Case History of other Cases for that same Account. How should a Consultant configure the Lighting Service Console to support this requirement?

          • Account tabs and Cases tab
          • Case tabs with Account subtabs
          • Account tab with Cases related list
          • Account tabs with Case Subtabs
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            Universal Containers wants to ensure the contracted service level requirements for its clients are being met. What should be configured to meet this requirement?

            • Entitlement processes, milestones, milestone actions, and entitlements
            • Entitlement processes, contracts, contract line Items, and entitlements
            • Entitlement processes, contract line items, milestones, and entitlements
            • Entitlement processes, contracts, milestones, and milestone actions
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              “Universal Containers wants to notify Support Managers when a new case has been untouched for more than two business days.
              Which approach should a consultant implement?”

              • Define Case Auto-Response Rules.
              • Establish Case Assignment Rules.
              • Create a Process Builder with Scheduled Actions.
              • Configure Case Escalation Rules.
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                Universal Containers is migrating from Classic Knowledge to Lightning Knowledge using the Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool and noticed that none of the Article file attachments were migrated. How can a Consultant migrate the file attachments?

                • Upload the files as Documents, then relate them to the migrated Articles.
                • Use the Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool and choose ‘include files’.
                • Use the Files Related List on each article to add files to your articles.
                • Post the Files to the Chatter Feed on each Article.
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                  Universal Containers wants to unify channels and manage agent workload with Omni-Channel routing. What required step Should a consultant address before configuring Omni Channel?

                  • Customize service channel settings to define how the organization receives work from various
                  • Create a Salesforce Case to have Omni-Channel enabled.
                  • Create the necessary objects in Salesforce.
                  • From Setup, select Omni-Channel Settings and Select Enable Omni-Channel.
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                    “Universal Containers wants to notify Support Managers when a new case have been untouched from more than two business days.
                    Which approach should a consultant implement?”

                    • Define case auto-response rules.
                    • Estabalish case assignment rules.
                    • Use Flow Builder to create a flow with scheduled path.
                    • Configure case escalation rules.
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