Service Cloud コンサルタント PR

Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant V17.35 #41〜50



Validate that you have the knowledge to design and implement a Service Cloud solution as a consultant.


試験種別 Service-Cloud-Consultant
Ver 17.35


Universal Containers would like for article to be different channel for social interactions. What solution should a consultant recommend?

  • Set up communication channel layouts in the object manager to use Insert Article into Social post.
  • Set up insert Article into Social post and enable the customer community portal.
  • Create a Chatter group and invite the customer to join with an external chatter user.
  • Create a Visualforce page on the customer community portal.
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    Universal Container’s customers like speaking to a live support agent on complex product issues. This causes a heavy amount of phone calls and customers complain about the hold time. What functionality should the consultant recommend implementing to resolve this issue?

    • Contact Requests
    • Social Customer Service
    • Embedded Chat Window
    • Open CT1
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      “Universal Containers has an active presence on Twitter and Facebook. Customers’ requests from these social media channels should be responded to by support agents.
      What should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?”

      • Social Persona for Twitter and Facebook.
      • Social Media Marketing message tagging.
      • Social Customer Service for Twitter and Facebook.
      • Einstein Bot social queues.
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        “Cloud Kicks (CK) provides support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CK contracts with an external third-party help desk to provide support outside of normal business hours.
        The external service agents and external support managers use Experience Cloud to create cases. External support managers need to view and execute reports with the ability to “”Run as specified user.
        What is the recommended Experience Cloud license to meet the requirements? ”

        • Service Cloud Portal
        • Customer Community Login
        • High Volume Customer Portal
        • Partner Community Login
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          “A business to consumer (B2C) company wants to decrease service costs and improve customer relationship currently, customers pay invoices and update their contact information by mailing paper payslips back to company.
          What is the recommended solution to meet the requirements?”

          • Field Service with Integrated Payments
          • Experience Cloud with Customer Account Portal template
          • Einstein Bots with Credit Card Payments
          • Service Cloud Voice with Tele-pay
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            Universal Containers’ support management team has noticed an increase in wait times over the last several months when customers call in for support. Which two recommendations should a Consultant suggest to help decrease customer wait times? Choose 2 answers

            • Create reports to analyze call data in order to understand peak times and ensure adequate staffing.
            • Create a case escalation rules to route high-priority cases directly to supervisors for resolution.
            • Set up analytical snapshots to capture key case information and create historical trending reports.
            • Set up a Salesforce Customer Community that will allow customers to create cases online.
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              Which feature should a Consultant recommend to allow a Tier 2 Service Representative to take over case processing from Tier1 and know how far Tier1 had progressed in troubleshooting?

              • Service Console Macros
              • Lightning Guided Engagement
              • Path for Cases
              • Lightning Flow Component
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                Cloud Kicks (CK) has created hundreds of Knowledge articles about its products. The articles have been attached to dosed cases. A new product release will require changes to dozens of articles. After revising the articles, CK wants to see that a prior article version was associated with the closed cases.What is the recommended method to meet the requirements?

                • Select Flag as new version’ checkbox when publishing.
                • Use Smart Link to Article to select the prior version.
                • Enable Knowledge User for Service Agents.
                • Use the Clone option to create a new article.
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                  “Universal Containers (UC) wants to schedule for repair service when an agent is unable to solve the customer’s problem via the call center.
                  What functionality should a consultant recommend to satisfy the UC’s need?”

                  • omni Channel
                  • Contact Request
                  • Field Service
                  • Mobile Connect
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                    How can a Contact Center Manager see which Service Representatives have not accepted new Cases recently using the Lightning Service Console?

                    • Omni-Channel Utility Component
                    • Cases report sorted by Rep and Case Owner
                    • ST Cases report sorted by Rep and Case CreatedDate
                    • Omni-Channel Supervisor tab
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