Service Cloud コンサルタント PR

Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant V17.35 #101〜105



Validate that you have the knowledge to design and implement a Service Cloud solution as a consultant.


試験種別 Service-Cloud-Consultant
Ver 17.35


“A client’s Support Call Center has seen an increase in call volume on a new product line. The agents are having problems resolving issues and have been escalating to Tier 2 for support.
Which action should be taken to reduce the call volumes and escalations?”

  • Create Knowledge Articles and publish internally and publicly.
  • Configure IVR routing to bypass Tier 1 for the product line.
  • Configure Omni-channel to assign cases directly to Tier 2.
  • Create a dashboard to track and manage call volumes by type.
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    “Cloud Kicks (CK) is a global company with multiple product lines. CK is preparing to launch a public kno base for customers that will have 2,500 articles. The company wants an easy way for users to find relevant articles based on their location and product.
    What is the recommended method to meet the requirement?”

    • Article Translation
    • Data Category Groups
    • Chatter Answers
    • Data Category Visibility
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      “Universal Containers wants a mechanism that provides customers access to product installation guides, warranty information.
      What solution should the consultant recommend to meet this request?”

      • Create a Customer Experience Cloud site.
      • Implement Recommended Articles.
      • Configure Web-to-Case.
      • Deploy a Partner Central Community.
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        Universal Containers has completed development and testing of its Service Cloud implementation and plans to migrate functionality from the sandbox environment to the production environment.What should be used for migration functionality?

        • Visual Studio Code and change sets
        • Mass Transfer Records, change sets, and Visual Studio Code
        • Visual Workflow, data loader, and IDE
        • Data loader, change sets, and Excel Connector
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          “Universal Containers recently deployed a Salesforce Knowledge implementation, but is looking to evaluate the quality of the articles being produced.
          What should the Consultant recommend to gather information on Knowledge article usefulness?”

          • Contact Salesforce to send a report on article efficacy.
          • Send out a monthly survey to customers requesting feedback.
          • Install Knowledge Base Dashboards and Reports AppExchange package.
          • Create a group of super users that will evaluate and manage articles.
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