Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification PR

Salesforce CRT-403 V12.95 #301〜#310


Salesforce Platform App Builder Certificationとは

Certification demonstrating skills to develop custom applications on the Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certificationの過去問の概要

Ver V12.95


“A recently refreshed partial sandbox at Cloud Kicks has no data In the custom object Shipping. Checking In production, there are two million rows of data in the object.
What could be the reason the data Is missing?”

  • The sandbox was refreshed too early.
  • The selected objects in the sandbox template.
  • The Partial sandbox is at capacity.
  • The sandbox is still populating data.
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    “A user is unable to use inline editing on a list view. A quick check verifies the user should be able to perform inline editing as they have been assigned the appropriate permissions.
    Which two conditions should the app builder review?
    Choose 2 answers”

    • If the list view restricts sharing for the user
    • If the list view selected is the recently viewed list view
    • If the list view contains a chart created by the user
    • If the list view contains more than one record type
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      “To increase adoption, Universal Containers is proposing changes to its Salesforce data model to allow easier visibility for sales reps into key metrics. The proposal has three custom objects related to the Account object, one with a master-detail, and two that are not. Each of these objects has 15 fields they would like to summarize on the Account object.
      What are two considerations for this proposal?
      Choose 2 answers”

      • Roll-up summaries allow MAX, MIN, SUM, COUNT, and AVG.
      • An object can have 20 object references.
      • An object can have 25 roll-up summaries.
      • Roll-up summaries are limited to master-detail relationships.
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        Which two statements are true about an External ID field? Choose 2 answers

        • The field must contain at least one number and at least one letter.
        • The field can be unique based on case-sensitive or case-insensitive values.
        • The field can be used to contain unique record identifiers from a system outside of Salesforce.
        • The field must be unique since duplicates are NOT allowed within Salesforce.
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          “An app builder wants to create a formula field on an Account to include data from related Contacts but is unable to find the relationship in the formula editor.
          What is a limitation of formulas that could be causing the issue?”

          • Unable to reference the child records.
          • A master-detail relationship should be created.
          • Formula field limit reached on the Account object.
          • More than 5,000 characters in the formula.
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            Which type of relationship can be defined with external objects? Choose 2 Answers

            • Cross Organizational Look-up
            • External Look-Up
            • External Master-Detail
            • Indirect Look-Up
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              “Which two places can an app builder go to see a list of available Custom Lightning components in their org?
              Choose 2 answers”

              • Visualforce components in Setup
              • Lightning component Generator
              • Lightning App Builder
              • Lightning components in Setup
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                The organization wide defaults for a custom object is set to private. The Supervisor profile grants view access to the same object. A user with the Supervisor profile is also listed as the Manager on the user detail records for access. However, the supervisor still cannot view records owned by the subordinate. What is preventing the Supervisor from viewing records owned by the subordinate? Choose 2 answers

                • The Supervisor’s role is not above the subordinate’s role in hierarchy
                • Organization wide settings for the custom object grant access to other users with the same role
                • Organization wide settings for the custom object do not grant access using hierarchy
                • The Supervisor requires a permission set in order to view the subordinate’s record
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                  “Users at Cloud Kicks provided feedback that the time card custom page layout has too many fields on it, and some fields are only needed if other fields are entered.
                  What should an app builder configure to help with this issue?”

                  • Dependent picklists
                  • Separate page layouts
                  • Lightning web components
                  • Dynamic forms
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                    What may occur if workflow rules are reevaluated after a field change by afield update?

                    • A recursive loop potentially results in exceeding organizational limits.
                    • Cross-object workflow rules result in re-evaluation after field change.
                    • Workflow rules trigger validation rules on field updates.
                    • Workflow rules trigger more workflow rules to be re-evaluated.
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