Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification PR

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification #291-300


Certification Preparation for Platform App Builder


What is the capability of sandbox template ? Select 2

  • Specify the data range for data being replicated in a partial copy sandbox environment
  • Save a template for re-use when creating a partial copy sandbox environment
  • Specify the objects whose data should be replicated in the partial copy sandbox environment
  • Create a partial copy sandbox from a partial copy sandboxes environment
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    Which of these actions are executed after a re-evaluated workflow? (Choose 3 answers)

  • Active Validation rules
  • Previously fired workflow rules
  • Active Escalation rules
  • Cross-object workflow rules
  • Criteria-based sharing rules
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    “The appraisal team at DreamHouse Realty wants to leverage Salesforce mobile app. What are three things an app builder should do to optimize mobile experience?
    Choose 3 answers”

  • Use Global Actions to make it easy to perform vital functionality on mobile.
  • Avoid using default field values so that the user is required to fill in all fields on the screen.
  • Minimize the amount of formula fields and lookup fields to reduce page load time.
  • Create individual customized layouts for different phone operating systems.
  • Put the most important fields in the compact layout so they are easy to find.
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    Universal Containers has two teams: Sales and Services. Both teams interact with the same records. Sales users use ten fields on the Account record. Services users use three of the same fields as the Sales team, but also have five of their own, which the sales team does not use. What is the minimum configuration necessary to meet this requirement?

  • One profile, two record types, one page layout
  • Two profiles, two record types, two page layouts
  • One profile, one record type, one page layout.
  • Two profiles, one record type, two page layouts
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    What may occur if workflow rules are re-evaluated after a field change by a field update? Choose 2 answers

  • Cross-object workflow rules result in re-evaluation after field change.
  • Workflow rules trigger validation rules on field updates
  • Workflow rules trigger more workflow rules to be re-evaluated.
  • A recursive loop potentially results in exceeding organizational limits.
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    “Universal Containers implemented an application process that uses custom objects Internships and Applications. The organization-wide default for Internships has been set to private and is the master in the master-detail relationship with Applications. The VP of HR wants to allow edit access to Applications to recruiters.
    How should an app builder configure the proper access?”

  • Set the organization-wide default on the Applications object to Read/Write.
  • Add a sharing rule that grants the users Read/Write access to the Internship records.
  • Create a queue for the web applications and assign access to the users who will be editing the records.
  • Create a sharing rule that grants the users Read/Write access to the Application records.
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    “Universal Containers has a custom assessment object used by three divisions. Each division wants to track different information on the assessments, including different values for the status picklist. Division managers do not want their teams to be able to create another division’s assessment.
    How can this be accomplished?”

  • Create additional custom assessment objects, one for each division, to track their assessments so information can be tracked separately. Use profiles to restrict access to the three custom objects.
  • Create separate assessment record types for each division and use them to limit picklist values. Create separate page layouts for each record type and use profiles to restrict record type access.
  • Create three page layouts to determine the fields and picklist values for each user based on the division indicated on their user record. Use field-level security to restrict access to each division’s fields.
  • Create a separate page layout for each division and assign them profiles. Use the profile setting to configure each division’s custom field list and picklist values for assessments.
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    Which two report formats can be used as a source report to configure a reporting snapshot? Choose 2 answers

  • Matrix format
  • Tabular format
  • Joined format
  • Summary format
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    An app builder is creating a custom object called Testimonial__c and wants to connect Testimonial__c records with both the submitter’s Contact record and Account record. If the Account is deleted, the Testimonial__c should also be deleted. If the Contact is deleted, but the Account remains, the Testimonial__c should remain.How should this be accomplished?

  • Make both the Contact and Account fields required on the Testimonial__c object and create lookup relationships from Testimonial__c to Contact and to Account.
  • Create a master-detail relationship from Testimonial__c to Account and a lookup relationship from Testimonial__c to Contact.
  • Make Testimonial__c a junction object between Account and Contact using master-detail relationships.
  • Create a lookup relationship from Testimonial__c to Account and a master-detail relationship from Testimonial__c to Contact.
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    A custom field contains a feedback score which is on a scale of one to five. End users would like a visual indicator of one to five stars based on the number found in the feedback score custom field. How can this visual indicator be displayed?

  • Use a custom formula field.
  • Use a custom image field.
  • Use a custom number field.
  • Use a custom text field
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