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Salesforce CRT-403 V12.95 #311〜#320


Salesforce Platform App Builder Certificationとは

Certification demonstrating skills to develop custom applications on the Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certificationの過去問の概要

Ver V12.95


An app builder wants to show groups as the last navigation menu item in the salesforce1 mobile app. however, the app builder is not able to select groups as one of the items on the drop- down menu. What could cause this?

  • Groups is showing up in the recent section and not in the navigation menu
  • Groups is not included in the selecteCreate a criteria based sharing rule using the projects department that grd list for the navigation menu
  • Groups is included in the smart search items but not on the navigation menu
  • Groups cannot be the last item in the navigation menu.
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    universal containers has 20 different workflows on the opportunity object. To ensure that updates are processing properly for all field updates uc has the re-evaluete workflow rules after field change checkbox checked. Recently after adding a new workflow, users have reported receiving errors about workflow limits. What should a app builder look at so address this?

    • Talk to a developer about apex code issues
    • Number of workflows per object limits
    • Workflows that cause each other to fire back and forth recursively
    • Workflows on other objects that are being re triggered
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      “An app builder at Cloud Kicks created a custom object and related fields in the schema builder.
      What next steps should the app build take to ensure users can access the new object and fields”

      • Create a permission set for access to the object and fields.
      • Allow reporting for the object and fields.
      • Assign data types to the fields on the object.
      • Add the fields to the page layout on the object.
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        Universal containers would like to use a chatter group for their mergers and acquisition team to collaborate on potential new projects. This group should not be visible for non-members to see or join, and can be accessed by invite only. Which chatter Group type should the App Builder recommend?

        • Member Group
        • Unlisted Group
        • Public Group
        • Private Group
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          Which sandbox is used for performance testing?

          • Developer
          • Full
          • Partial
          • Developer Pro
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            “Cloud Kicks (CK) tracks the support level of its customers on the account record page. CK wants to show a text notification on a case record page when the related account is a platinum-level customer.
            How could an app builder meet this requirement?”

            • Add a rich text area to the Case Lighting page > Set the component visibility of the rich text area to show when the account support level is platinum.
            • Create a text-only Visualforce page > Drag the Visualforce component into the Case page layout > Set its visibility to show when the account support level is platinum.
            • Create a text-only Visualforce page > Clone the case page layout > Drag the Visualforce component into the page, and assign the layout to platinum cases.
            • Clone the Case Lightning page > Add a rich text area to the new page, and assign this page to platinum accounts.
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              Universal Containers uses a custom object to track Site Visits. When the status of a Site Visit is changed from “In Progress” to “On Hold”, the business wants the Site visit owner to be automatically assigned to an “On Hold” queue. Which capability can be used to accomplish this?

              • Apex Trigger
              • Action
              • Assignment Rule
              • Visual Workflow
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                Which three field types should be referenced by a roll-up summary field using SUM? Choose 3 answers

                • Percent
                • Number
                • Date
                • Formula
                • Currency
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                  UVC uses a custom object called Candidates to track information about people who are being recruited for jobs within the company. When an employee refers a recruiting candidate, that employee should have access to the Candidate record, however, only HR users should be able to view, edit, and report on the Salary field. Which action should be recommended for controlling who can view the Salary field?

                  • Create and assign separate Candidate page layouts for general employee users and HR users
                  • Create and assign separate Candidate record types for general employee users and HR users
                  • Restrict access to the “Salary” field for general employee users using field-level security
                  • Restrict access to the “Salary” field for general employee users using custom sharing settings
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                    For which report types custom summary formulas are available? (Choose 3)

                    • Joined
                    • Summary
                    • Tabular
                    • Matrix
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