Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification PR

Salesforce CRT-403 V12.95 #321〜#330


Salesforce Platform App Builder Certificationとは

Certification demonstrating skills to develop custom applications on the Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certificationの過去問の概要

Ver V12.95


Universal con needs a field on the account to track how many opportunitiesare closing within the next 30 days. What can be used?

  • Workflow rule
  • Roll-up summary field
  • Process builder
  • Apex code
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    “Northern Trail Outfitters uses a custom object to track travel requests. Rangers want to have automatic posts on a record whenever a travel request has been approved.
    Which feature should be used to accomplish this?”

    • Auto-response rule
    • Workflow rule
    • Feed tracking
    • Feed quick action
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      What metadata can be made manually in production without deployment? (Choose 2)

      • Apex class
      • Visualforce
      • Apex trigger
      • Reports and Dashboards
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        Sales manager at universal containers would like to standardize what information sales rep are gathering. Sales rep want recommendations, sales strategies and to know what key fields need to be completed at each step of the sales process on the opportunity record. What feature should an app builder use to provide this functionally?

        • Workflow
        • Path
        • Chatter feed
        • Global Action
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          Universal containers has a custom picklist called support level on the account object. They would like to show the real time value of support level on all case records. How can an app builder implement this requirement?

          • Create a roll-up summary field using support level on the account object
          • Create a formula field on the case object using the TEXT function.
          • Create a process builder and use a field update on the case object.
          • Create a formula field on the account object using the ISPICKVAL function
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            “Sales reps at Cloud Kicks (CK) forget to submit for approval when CK needs orders reviewed before close won. CK wants to automatically submit opportunities into the Secure Commitment Stage to eliminate manual submission.
            Which three features would meet the business requirements? Choose 3 answers”

            • Workflow
            • Process Builder
            • Apex
            • Chatter action
            • Flow
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              Universal containers uses a custom called reviews to capture information generated by interviews during the candidate process. The review records are visible to any user that has access to the related custom candidate record. The VP of human resources wants the comment field on the review to be private to anyone outside of the HR department.

              • Create a page layout with the field for HR users and another page layout without the field for all other users
              • Create a page layout with the field and use field level security to hide the from all others users
              • Create a sharing rule to share the filed with the VP of HR with role and subordinates
              • Create an apex sharing rule to share the field with users that have HR in their role
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                UVC wants their Field Sales team to only see the accounts that they own. Separate North American and European marketing teams should only see accounts in their respective regions. The Inside Sales Team needs to see all accounts in Salesforce. How can this be accomplished?

                • Set the OWD to Public for all accounts. Create criteria-based sharing rules for each Marketing Team, and create an Inside Sales Team permission set with the “View All” settings for accounts
                • Set the OWD to Private for accounts. Create permission sets for each Marketing team, and create an Inside Sales team profile with the “View All” setting for accounts
                • Set the OWD to Private for all accounts. Create Criteria-based sharing rules for each Marketing Team, and create an Inside Sales Team Profile with the “View All” setting for accounts
                • Set the OWD to Public for accounts. Create profiles for each Marketing team, and create an Inside Sales Team role that is at the top of the Role Hierarchy
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                  The CRM Manager at Universal Containers has requested that a custom text field be converted to a picklist in order to promote better data hygiene. What needs to be considered before changing the field type? Choose 2 answers

                  • Existing list views that reference the field may be deleted.
                  • Field references will be removed in Visualforce pages
                  • All data should be backed up before converting a text field.
                  • Changing a field type will remove existing field history.
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                    Which use case can be accomplished using a custom link?(Select 3)

                    • To create a custom visual flow
                    • Navigate to Apex trigger
                    • To create a record page
                    • To a process to update current record
                    • To external system using data of salesforce
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