Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification PR

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification #351-360


Certification Preparation for Platform App Builder


“On the Account Lightning record page, users need to see ten fields and the ability to sort and wrap text on their Related Lists.
What Related List type would the app builder select for the Related List Lightning component?”

  • Enhanced List
  • Basic List
  • ListVlew
  • List Class
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    “An app builder needs a custom solution and is considering using community. Ease of updates is the primary consideration.
    What should the app builder consider?”

  • A managed package from AppExchange
  • An unmanaged package from AppExchange
  • An open-source unmanaged package
  • An open-source custom development
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    What option is available to an App Builder when defining an object-specific Create Record custom action? Choose 2 answers

  • Pre-Defining field values on the target object.
  • Redirecting the end user to the detail page of the target object
  • Specifying the fields and layout of the action.
  • Allowing the end user to choose the record type
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    Which of the following is true in regards to the User Acceptance testing (UAT) step in a large enterprise application lifecycle? Choose 2 answers.

  • UAT comes before Integration testing
  • UAT come after Integration Testing
  • UAT can be used for end user testing or training
  • UAT is typically the last step before deploying changes to production
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    Universal Containers would like to automatically assign a specific permission set to new users. How can this requirement be met? Choose 2 Answers

  • Create an approval process on the User object to assign a permission set
  • Create a flow on the user object to assign a permission set.
  • Create a lightning process on the user object to launch a flow.
  • Create a workflow rule on the User object to assign a permission set.
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    “universal containers is migrating its sales operations from a legacy system that was used. opportunities need to be imported with the proper country currency. Which two steps should an app builder configure to meet these requirements ?
    Choose 2 answers.”

  • Include the currency ISO code in all currency fields in the import file.
  • Use Data Loader to import the records.
  • Include the currency ISO Code Column in the import file.
  • Use import the currency ISO Code Column in the import file.
  • Use Import Wizard to import the records.
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    “A customer service representative at a call center would like to be able tocollect information from customers using a series of questionprompts.
    What could be used to accomplish this?”

  • Workflow Rules
  • Visual Workflow
  • Lightning Connect
  • Lightning Process Builder
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    “An app builder needs to create new automation on an object.
    What best practice should the app builder follow when building out automation7”

  • One Workflow rule per object.
  • One Flow per object.
  • One invocable process per object.
  • One record change process per object.
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    “Universal Containers uses a private sharing model on Accounts. User A and User B both own Accounts of their own and have both been sent a new Account record in an email owned by User C to take a look at. User A is able to open and view the record but User B receives an insufficient privileges error. User A and User B have the same role in the Role Hierarchy as User C.
    What are the three reasons User A has access but User 8 is unable to access the record? Choose 3 answers”

  • User A is in a Public Group that has access via a Sharing Rule
  • User A is on the same Account Team as User C
  • User A and User B have different profiles
  • User C has manually shared the record with user A
  • User A was granted an additional permission set
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    When an opportunity close date is delayed by more than 60 days, the manager and the VP sales must approve the change. How can this requirement be met? Choose 2 answers

  • Build an approval process that requires unanimous approval from the manager and VP of sales.
  • Create a workflow rule that checks for close date less that 60 days and add an email alert.
  • Create a lightning process builder flow that submits the record for an approval process
  • Build a validation rule that does not allow a user to save the opportunity record.
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