Sales Cloud コンサルタント PR

Salesforce Sales-Cloud-Consultant V19.65 #181〜190



Demonstrate that you have the knowledge to design and implement a Sales Cloud solution as a consultant.




“The Cloud Kicks CEO needs to run reports from the sales team’s reports folder. The CEO’s assistant needs to control access to the reports. Sales managers need to change the reports when necessary.
How should the consultant meet the requirement?”

  • Set the CEO access level to View, the CEO’s assistant to Manage, and the sales manager to Edit on ACO the folder.
  • Enable Manage Reports in Public Folders and give access to the CEO and their subordinates.
  • Set the CEO access level to View All, the CEO’s assistant to Modify All, and the sales manager public group to Create.
  • Enable Manage access for the CEO role and subordinates, and Manage access for the CEO’S assistant profile.
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    “The Cloud Kicks (CK) sales team works with two different types of leads: distributors and retailers. CK’s management wants the sales team to follow two different lead qualification processes before converting the Lead into an opportunity.
    Which three actions should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?
    Choose 3 answers”

    • Create retailer and distributor lead processes.
    • Create a new profile and only assign one lead record type to it.
    • Add leads to different campaigns based on lead type.
    • Create Status picklist values specific to each lead type.
    • Create distributor and retailer lead record types.
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      “Cloud Kicks has a private sharing model on Accounts. Account executives need to ensure that specific users can qualify marketing Opportunities on their Accounts. There can be different users for a given Opportunity. Sales management needs to report on which users are assigned to Opportunities.
      What should the consultant recommend to the account executives?”

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        Add specific users as Opportunity team members with a role that grants Read/Write Access.”


        “A customer notices a large increase in leads created overnight which exceed the daily limits. Upon examination, the leads appear to be created by bots. The Customer uses a standard web-to- lead from without safeguards in place to limit spam on forms.
        What should the consultant recommend as the first line of defense before republishing the form? ”

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          Select Require reCAPTCHA Verification in Web-to-Lead settings.”


          “Cloud Kicks has just deployed an of its configurations. The admin wants to build a separate process but uses most of the objects that were deployed.
          What is the best practice a consultant should recommend to the admin?”

          • Build m a test release environment and test changes in Production.
          • Build in a Developer Sandbox and test changes in Production.
          • Build in a Developer Sandbox and test changes in a test release environment.
          • Build m a test release environment and test changes in a test release environment.
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            ” The Cloud Kicks team has made a correction in a sandbox environment that needs to be deployed to production as soon as possible. The sandbox and production environments are on two different versions of Salesforce. The fix requires functionality in the sandbox version.
            Which action should the consultant recommend?”

            • Deploy from version control before the Salesforce Platform upgrade window.
            • Deploy changes from the sandbox to production this weekend.
            • Deploy the changes from the sandbox to production once both environments are on the same version.
            • Deploy the changes from me sandbox to production concurrently with the Salesforce Platform upgrade.
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              “The VP of sales at Cloud Kicks wants to provide options to sales reps for changing account or contract details for a created order.
              Which two conditions should the consultant consider to meet this requirement’ Choose 2 answers ”

              • The order associated with the account should be in draft status.
              • The price book associated with the order is associated with the new account.
              • The currency associated with the order can be different from the new contract.
              • The contract associated with the order is associated with the new account.
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                “Universal Containers (UC) has established Sales Ops teams. As part of the sales process, Tasks are used to track all customer interactions. UC wants any available Sales Ops team member to handle these Tasks as soon as possible.
                Which Salesforce functionality should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement?”

                • Create Opportunity Teams to manage Tasks.
                • Leave the Task’s Assigned To held bank
                • Use workflows to create a Task for each team member.
                • Assign Tasks to a queue to share work efficiently.
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                  “Cloud Kicks is in the process of implementing Salesforce for its sales teams. Senior management has concerns about adoption.
                  What should a consultant recommend to encourage adoption?”

                  • Establish goals and key metrics.
                  • Give users access to a Sandbox environment.
                  • Define the sales process.
                  • Plan a first release with minimum features
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                    “The sales director of retail products at Cloud Kicks wants to allow cloning of orders to help sales reps process repetitive orders.
                    What are two guidelines to consider when cloning an order with products? Choose 2 answers”

                    • A new order’s currency or price book will remain the same If the original order has products.
                    • The admin will be able to set up which, cloned to a new order.
                    • A cloned order must be associated with the same contract as the original order.
                    • A cloned order’s start date must fall between the associated contract’s start and end dates.
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