Sales Cloud コンサルタント PR

Salesforce Sales-Cloud-Consultant V19.65 #171〜180



Demonstrate that you have the knowledge to design and implement a Sales Cloud solution as a consultant.




“Universal Containers is analyzing data to identify gaps, and wants to know which Accounts with
…opportunities are missing Contacts.
Which feature should a consultant recommend to build this report?”

  • Custom report type
  • Joined report
  • Cross filter
  • Custom filter
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    “Cloud Kicks is running a campaign for the Shoe of the Month club. Sales management wants to use Campaign Influence features with Opportunities to attribute a percentage of success to influential campaigns.
    Which feature will allow for revenue share with standard and custom attribution models?”

    • Create a reporting snapshot for Campaigns.
    • Use sharing rules to give access to Campaign members.
    • Create a formula field to track Campaign Influence.
    • Use Customizable Campaign Influence for reporting.
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      “Cloud Kicks has a complicated sales process. Sales reps often have difficulty deciding when to move opportunities through various stages.
      Which solution should the consultant recommend?”

      • Use automation to send emails to sales reps with Guidance for Success
      • Configure a dashboard that shows opportunities that have remained in the same stage for 30 days
      • Activate Path and add up to five key fields and Guidance for Success
      • Advise sales reps to collaborate on Slack to move opportunities along the pipeline.
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        ” Cloud Kicks has hired a consultant to help with its quoting process. The consultant has determined that some quote custom fields should be viewed from the Opportunity.
        What should a consultant consider when implementing the custom fields?”

        • No Answer
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          Related Quote items on all Quotes are impacted when an Opportunity Line Item is deleted. ”


          “Universal Containers (UC) has acquired another company that uses Salesforce and is migrating its legacy email alerts, and approval processes.
          Which two steps should the consultant perform to maintain data integrity?
          Choose 2 answers”

          • Enable the Create Audit Fields permission to insert historically accurate records.
          • Use the Salesforce Approval Process clone feature to migrate approval processes.
          • Merge the legacy Salesforce org into UC’s Salesforce org and migrate the approval processes.
          • Insert users, and then migrate email alerts and approval processes into UCs Salesforce org.
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            “Cloud Kicks (CK) uses a sales model where pre defined groups of reps work collaboratively on Accounts.
            Each group is also responsible for specific Accounts. CK has organization wide default access set to Public Read/1 for Accounts. CK discovered this caused issues with data quality where reps edited Accounts outside their scope responsibility. CK wants to allow reps to view any Account, but restrict editing to only reps who are responsible for those specific Accounts.
            Which two steps should a consultant recommend to allow reps to continue to collaborate while eliminating incorrect edits?
            Choose 2 answers”

            • Change Account organization-wide defaults to Private.
            • Enable Account Teams to allow owners to grant Read/Write access.
            • Create an Account sharing rule to grant Read/Write access to all Accounts.
            • Change Account organization-wide defaults to Public/Read-Only.
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              “Cloud Kicks wants to sell to both consumers and businesses. The consumer sales team and business sales team will use different Stages.
              Which two Salesforce functions will allow the consultant to meet this requirement?
              Choose 2 answers”

              • Sales Processes
              • Pipeline Inspection
              • Opportunity Splits
              • Record Types
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                “Cloud Kicks is concerned that the sales team is taking longer to dose opportunities in comparison to the same time last year. The VP of sales wants to determine the number of closed deals on a monthly basis and compare the month-over-month results.
                Which two actions should the consultant take to meet the requirement?
                Choose 2 answers”

                • Create a report based on the Opportunity reporting snapshot.
                • Create a dashboard component and schedule the dashboard to refresh monthly.
                • Schedule a reporting snapshot of the Opportunity History object to run monthly.
                • Schedule a reporting snapshot of the Opportunity object to run monthly.
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                  Which two use cases will protect the integrity of order data with activation limitations? Choose 2 answers

                  • New Products can be added to active orders.
                  • Products can be removed from active reduction orders.
                  • Orders can be activated only if they include a Product.
                  • Multiple reduction orders can be created for a single order.
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                    “Cloud Kicks (CK) frequently works with contractors for marketing focus groups.
                    These contractors change companies often, and CK wants to retain its company history through Accounts.
                    What should the consultant recommend?”

                    • No Answer
                    • 答え

                      Implement the Contacts to Multiple Accounts feature.”