Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification PR

Salesforce CRT-403 V12.95 #281〜#290


Salesforce Platform App Builder Certificationとは

Certification demonstrating skills to develop custom applications on the Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certificationの過去問の概要

Ver V12.95


What determines whether a user can create a new record using a specific record type?

  • Field level security
  • Profile
  • Page Layout
  • Sharing
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    “Properly installing managed packages helps prevent conflicts with customizations made by customers and partners.
    What functionality should be used to set up packages?”

    • Description
    • Allow sharing
    • Help setting
    • Namespace
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      “A Service Coordinator (SC) for Ursa Major Solar (UMS) does a final review of work orders owned by a technician for a specific region before the records are submitted for an invoice. Before closing out the work order, the SC needs to modify data or remove attachments that were added by mistake. The SC also needs access to any other related records owned by the technician.
      What solution would provide the required access, given a private data model?”

      • Give the SC a permission set with the Modify All Data system permission.
      • Put the SC in the role hierarchy above the technicians whose work orders they review.
      • Create a workflow rule that updates records owned by technicians in that region with the SC.
      • Change work order access on the SC’s profile to ‘Modify AIl.
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        The Director of Customer Service wants to know when agents are overwhelmed with high- priority items in the support queue. The Director wants to receive a notification when a new case is open with the status of “New” for more than four business hours. Which automation process could be used to accomplish this? Choose 2 answers

        • Escalation rules
        • Visual workflow
        • Lightning Process Builder
        • Scheduled Apex
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          What tools you need to use to migrate Metadata to Two Different Production Orgs? (3)

          • Change Set
          • Force.Com Migration Tool
          • Unmanaged Package
          • Force.Com IDE
          • Data Loader
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            Universal Containers uses a custom picklist called Account_Region__c on the Account object. The vice president of sales has asked that the value of this field is visible on Opportunities. How should an app builder create this solution?

            • Lookup field
            • Field-level security
            • Field history tacking
            • Cross-object formula field
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              What salesforce functionality is ignored when processing field updates in workflow rules and approval processes? Choose 3 answers

              • Validation Rules
              • Decimal Places and Character Limits
              • Record Type Picklist Value Assignments
              • Multiple Currencies
              • Field Level Security
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                Universal Containers has a workflow on opportunity that will change the status field to “In Progress” when the Stage field is changed “Negotiation.” In addition, there is a validation rule on Status that will prevent the status being set to “In Progress” if the amount of the opportunity is less than $10,000.A user named Frank does not have FLS to see status. When Frank changes opportunities to a stage of “Negotiation” the status is still being changed to “In Progress”, why is this occurring?

                • Workflow rules cannot trigger a validation rule
                • Workflow rules occur after validation rules and thus override validation rules.
                • Field Level Security prevents the validation rule from running.
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                  Which two features can be used to allow users to access flows. Choose 2 answers?

                  • Invoked by a process
                  • Custom button
                  • Quick action
                  • Flow launcher
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                    Universal containers allows users to create standard reports on demand. What are two considerations users should be aware of when creating a new report?

                    • Reports created from standard report types are available to all users
                    • The report type determines the types of records and fields that will be available
                    • Users can require that child objects exist for parent records using a cross filter
                    • Records will be available in the in the report regardless of security permissions
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