Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification PR

Salesforce CRT-403 V12.95 #271〜#280


Salesforce Platform App Builder Certificationとは

Certification demonstrating skills to develop custom applications on the Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certificationの過去問の概要

Ver V12.95


Which capability allows an app builder to grant object-level access? Choose 2 answers

  • Assigning a user a Profile that allows Read access to an object
  • Assigning a user a Permission Set that allows for Read and Edit access to an object
  • Assigning a user a Public Group that allows for Read and Edit access to an object
  • Assigning a user a Role that allows Read access to an object.
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    A workflow has been written to update the ‘Stage’ field on opps. What will be the impact of this field update?

    • Type fields on opp
    • Forecast field on opp
    • No Impact
    • Both A&B
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      “At Ursa Major Solar there is a requirement for a new field called Planet Details on the Planet object where users can write detailed descriptions that can include pictures and links.
      What field type should the app builder utilize to fulfill this requirement?”

      • Long Text Area
      • Rich Text Area
      • Multi-Select Picklist
      • URL
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        When a user creates an account report, the user does not see industry as an available field in the report builder. However, this same user is able to see in the account page layout. What scenario would cause this?

        • The user uses a custom report type which does not include the industry field
        • The industry field has no record values in the account.
        • The industry field is not enabled for the particular record type
        • The user does not have industry field visibility in the field level security
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          What type of field can be referenced by a Roll-up Summary field using SUM? Choose 3 answers

          • Formula
          • Currency
          • Number
          • Percent
          • Date
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            Sales and marketing users have similar roles, and use similar record types. However sales uses 3 different fields and marketing has 5, how do you set up processes the most efficiently (something like that)

            • 2 page layouts, 2 record types, 2 profiles
            • 2 page layouts, 1 record type, 2 profiles
            • 1 page layout, 1 record type, 1 profile
            • 1 page layout, 2 record types, 2 profiles
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              Which statement is true about an external id field? Choose 2 answers

              • The field must be unique since duplicates are not allowed within salesforce
              • The field can be unique based on case-sensitive or case-insensitive values.
              • The field must contain at least one number and at least one letter
              • The field contains unique records identifiers from a system outside of salesforce
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                What is a key consideration when using Unmanaged packages? Choose 2 answers

                • A namespace is required to create an Unmanaged package
                • The person who created the Unmanaged package can change or upgrade installed components
                • The person who created the Unamanged package has no control over the installed components
                • A namespace is not required to create an Unamanged package
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                  An app builder has been asked to provide users a way to identify a contact’s “preferred contact method” directly on the contact record. users need to be able to identify whether a phone number or an email, is the contact’s preferred communication method. Which field type will allow the app builder to accomplish this with the fewest fields possible?

                  • Formula
                  • Checkboxes
                  • Picklist
                  • Email
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                    How would you ensure that records of a particular object are visible only to the user, and users higher in the role hierarchy? choose 2 answers.

                    • Set org wide sharing default for the object as private
                    • Set org wide sharing default for the object as manager view
                    • Define a profile list
                    • Define a role hierarchy
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