Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification PR

Salesforce CRT-403 V12.95 #231〜#240


Salesforce Platform App Builder Certificationとは

Certification demonstrating skills to develop custom applications on the Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certificationの過去問の概要

Ver V12.95


“DreamHouse Realty wants to import its property records from an external system into Salesforce. The app builder will use an external ID field to house the property ID from the external system.
Which two details should the app builder know when using external ID fields?
Choose 2 answers”

  • An external ID field can be a number field.
  • An external ID field can be a URL field.
  • An external ID field can be a phone field.
  • An external ID field can be a text field.
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    What is true regarding compact layouts? Choose 2 answers.

    • If a user doesn’t have access to a field it won’t be displayed
    • Compact layouts can be assigned to different record types
    • Compact layouts support all field types
    • Compact layouts must be configured for fields to be displayed in the record header
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      “DreamHouse Realty is rethinking its sandbox utilization strategy after acquiring Cloud Kicks. The Salesforce COE already utilizes a partial and a full sandbox, which it refreshes on their own regular schedules. Teams are expanding and have to begin each of their small projects in a sandbox before committing to the larger pool for collaborative testing while still keeping costs down.
      What type of sandbox should each team member use?”

      • Full sandbox
      • Developer sandbox
      • Developer pro sandbox
      • Partial sandbox
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        In order to create an App Launcher component in Lightning what must an admin do?

        • Contact Salesforce to have the component activated for the Lightning App Builder.
        • Navigate to Setup-Customize-User Interface to enable the component for the Lightning App Builder.
        • Purchase a license for the Lightning App Builder.
        • Join the pilot Lightning App Builder team.
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          Universal Containers manages leads in a Lead qualification queue where sales reps can accept ownership of the Lead. Campaign members are required to have a sales owner. What validation rule should an app builder configure?

          • AND( ISBLANK(Lead.Owner.Id) )
          • NOT(ISNEW() && ISBLANK(Lead.Owner:Queue.Id))
          • AND(ISNEW(), ISBLANK(Lead.Owner:User.Id))
          • NOT( ISBLANK(Lead.Owner:Queue.Id))
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            Universal Containers stores invoices in SAP. Users want to view invoice data on the related Account records in Salesforce. How can this be achieved? Choose 2 answers

            • Create a custom Invoice object and connect to SAP using Data Loader.
            • Create an external object connected to an invoice table in SAP.
            • Use SAP data export functions to load data directly in Salesforce
            • Connect to an OData Publisher Service for SAP databases
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              ” Duplicate management for Leads has been Implemented at Universal Containers that it seems duplicate leads are still being created, the org Wide Default (WOD) is set to ”Private” for Leads.
              Which two actions help prevent duplicate leads from being created?
              Choose 2 answers”

              • Change the lead Matching Rule to Block on Create.
              • Change the Lead Duplicate Rule details to Bypass Sharing Rules.
              • Change OWD for Leads to Public Edit.
              • Change OWD for Leads to public Read.
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                Universal Containers has purchased a Lightning Component on the Apple exchange. In which two areas should Components be utilized?

                • Salesforce Mobile App
                • Flow Builder
                • Process Builder
                • Standalone Lightning App
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                  “Universal Containers wants to improve the process to create Opportunity records related to an Account. Many fields can be populated based on the Account record. Some fields require input from the user.
                  What should an app builder configure to meet the requirement?”

                  • Process Builder triggered from Opportunity update
                  • Quick Action on the Account object
                  • Quick Action on the Opportunity object
                  • Process Builder triggered from Account update
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                    Universal Containers needs to update a field on an Account when an Opportunity Stage is changed to Closed Lost. What tools can we use to accomplish this requirement? (Choose 2)

                    • Lightning Process Builder
                    • Assignment Rule
                    • Workflow Rule
                    • Approval Process
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