Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification PR

Salesforce CRT-403 V12.95 #241〜#250


Salesforce Platform App Builder Certificationとは

Certification demonstrating skills to develop custom applications on the Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certificationの過去問の概要

Ver V12.95


“Universal Containers needs the 18-digit record ID from Opportunity records when exporting data to Excel in order to ensure each record is treated uniquely.
What formula should an app builder use to create this new field?”

  • TEXT(Id)
  • VALUE(Id)
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    A manager wants to calculate the number of days an account has been last contacted through mail. Which field should be used to achieve this?

    • Number Field
    • Formula Field
    • Date Field
    • Rollup Summary Field
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      In a real estate app, if a listing is sold, all related inspections for the listing must be cancelled. What business logic feature best caters to this requirement? Choose 1 answer.

      • Use a trigger to update the status of the related inspection records when the listing status is updated
      • Use Process Builder to define a process action to update related records based on the listing status change
      • Use Visual Workflow to define a flow to iterate through the related inspection records and update the status to ‘Cancelled’
      • Create a standard workflow on the Listing object with a workflow record update action on the related Inspection records
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        The VP of marketing wants to broadcast an emailto 10,000 contacts insalesforce on a regular basis, but realizes salesforce’smass email functionality has alimitation on the number of emails that can besent each day

        • Download all contacts to a CSV file and use an email client to send the emails
        • Request salesforce increase the number of maximum daily emails
        • Develop apex code and Visualforce pages to sent the emails
        • Research and evaluate products available on appExchange to send mass emails
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          “Cloud Kicks wants to know the total value of all won Opportunities for Accounts and display it on the record.
          What type of summary should the app builder use in the roll-up summary field?”

          • Count
          • Q Max
          • Sum
          • Min
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            “Universal Containers wants users to have access to the pricing guidelines document when viewing a Contract related to an Account.
            What feature should an app builder use to create easy access to the document?”

            • Quick Action on the Contracts object
            • Quick Action on the Account object
            • A custom detail page link on the Account object
            • A custom detail page link on the Contract object
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              “The VP of Sales has requested that Account Site information should be visible onall Opportunity records.
              What is the recommended solution to meet this requirement?”

              • Cross-Object Formula Field
              • Workflow Rule
              • Process Builder
              • Roll-Up Summary Field
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                Which statement is true about field update actions from workflow rules and approval processes? Choose 2 answers

                • Field update with “re-evaluate workflow rules” selected can cause a recursive loop if the updated field is included in a workflow.
                • Field update are not available on currency field if the organization uses multi-currency.
                • Field updates to records based on workflow rules and approval processes do not trigger validation rules
                • Field updates are tracked in the history related list of a record regardless of whether or not History tracking is set for those fields.
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                  “Service agents at Ursa Major Solar want a more condensed case view. Service agents also want to be able to modify the associated contact and account records from the case page layout on the Lightning record page.
                  Which two components should an app builder use to meet these requirements?
                  Choose 2 answers”

                  • Path
                  • Rich text
                  • Related record
                  • Tabs
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                    “Cloud Kicks has leads owned by users and queues. The sales manager wants the status to change to working when a user takes ownership.
                    What does an app builder need to have in the criteria to ensure the process runs without error?”

                    • BEGINS([Lead]. Ownerld,,,005″)
                    • [Lead]. Owner:User.Role Is Null = False
                    • [Lead]. Owner:Queue. Ownerld Is Null = True
                    • NOT(ISBLANK([Lead]. Ownerld))
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