Sales Cloud コンサルタント PR

Salesforce Sales-Cloud-Consultant V19.65 #141〜150



Demonstrate that you have the knowledge to design and implement a Sales Cloud solution as a consultant.




“Cloud Kicks (CK) frequently has multiple sales reps who collaborate on an opportunity. CK needs Salesforce to allocate credit to each sales rep to track against a sales quota.
Which Salesforce feature should the consultant use to meet this requirement?”

  • Opportunity Splits
  • Sales Analytics
  • Custom Metadata
  • Collaborative Forecasting
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    Sales managers at Cloud Kicks have noticed that information in some opportunity reports is incomplete. A consultant has performed an analysis and determined that opportunity stages often lack key information that sales managers at each stage because sales reps have yet to enter the data. What should the consultant recommend so opportunity stage reports always contain the data managers expect?

    • Configure Path by checking the key field required checkbox.
    • Create an Auto launched flow to determine if required fields are missing.
    • Customize path and create validate rules dependent on stages.
    • Mark the fields as required on the page layout.
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      “Sales managers at Cloud Kicks need to visualize all open opportunities based on the location of the related Account.
      Which solution should a consultant recommend?”

      • Using Tableau CRM, import a data lens with the State and City for all opportunities.
      • Enable Location Services and add the Account Address field to the Opportunity page layout.
      • Create a dashboard that uses a report grouping opportunities by Account.
      • Using Salesforce Maps, configure a Data Layer showing open opportunities.
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        In the Discovery phase of a Sales Cloud implementation, what are three effective ways a consultant can determine the design of the system? Choose 3 answers

        • Schedule training.
        • Establish performance benchmarks.
        • Observer end users.
        • Administrator a survey.
        • Host a focus group.
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          Cloud Kicks needs to associate some Contacts with many Accounts. Which solution should a consultant recommend meeting this requirement?

          • Use the Contact roles related list on Accounts.
          • Add a custom Account lookup field on the Contact.
          • Use the Contact to Multiple Accounts feature.
          • Add Contact to the partners related list on other Accounts.
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            ” Cloud Kicks manages contacts for lead generation in a marketing application. Following a new Salesforce implementation, inbound leads will be reviewed in the marketing application and then migrated to Salesforce.
            Which contacts should the consultant migrate from the marketing application to leads in Salesforce? ”

            • New contacts
            • Active contacts
            • Qualified contacts
            • All contacts
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              ” A sales rep notices they can edit some opportunities associated with accounts they own, but is unable to edit other opportunities, although these are associated with accounts they own. Which three reasons could explain the sales rep’s experience?
              Choose 3 answers”

              • Sharing Rules for opportunities are set to Manager Groups.
              • Opportunity visibility allows View access to opportunities owned by others and associated with accounts they own.
              • The organization-wide defaults for opportunities are set to Private.
              • All provisioned Opportunity object permissions enable Read access with all accounts the sales rep.
              • Some opportunities associated with the sales rep’s account are owned by other users.
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                “After completing a successful Sales Cloud rollout to a new business unit at Universal Containers, sales forecasting within Salesforce is inaccurate. Upon closer inspection, some opportunities appear in the incorrect forecast category.
                How should a consultant troubleshoot this issue efficiently?”

                • Write a conditional validation rule on the Forecast Category field.
                • Make the Forecast Category a required field on relevant Opportunity page layouts.
                • Create a report to determine the number of opportunities in each forecast category.
                • Verify the Stage to Forecast Category Mappings on the Opportunity object
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                  ” Cloud Kicks wants to release product enhancements effectively to drive user adoption mtd have the impact on the organization and users’ day-to-day functions.
                  What are three steps for successful change and seasonal release management?
                  Choose 3 answers”

                  • Prioritize executive requests.
                  • Train end users after deployment.
                  • Communicate updates to end user.
                  • Create an org development model.
                  • Collect input from stakeholders.
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                    “Cloud Kicks (CK) operates in multiple countries and wants to track historical exchange rates. The consultant at CX has implemented dated exchange rates by using Advanced Currency Management.
                    How is the converted currency amount calculation on Opportunities determined?”

                    • Use Data Loader to export Opportunity and Campaign Influence and merge the results.
                    • Enable Customizable Campaign Influence in Setup.
                    • Add the Campaign Influence related list to the Opportunity page layouts.
                    • Create a joined report between Opportunity and Campaign to show influence.
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