Sales Cloud コンサルタント PR

Salesforce Sales-Cloud-Consultant V19.65 #151〜160



Demonstrate that you have the knowledge to design and implement a Sales Cloud solution as a consultant.




“The sales director at Cloud Kicks wants to enable Person Accounts in its org. The sales director asked a consultant to evaluate the solution and present it to the sales team.
What should the consultant consider when evaluating Person Accounts?”

  • Enabling the Person Accounts feature is Irreversible.
  • Enabling Person Accounts requires a Public Read/Write sharing model
  • Person Account records only count toward Account storage.
  • The Person Account object must have at least two record types.
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    ” Cloud Kicks has enabled multi-Currency in its organization. All the rates are set.
    What will happen if the exchange rates are adjusted?”

    • All newly closed opportunities will use the new conversion rate.
    • Opportunities created this month will use the new conversion rate and old opportunities will remain the same.
    • New opportunities will use the new conversion rate and old opportunities will remain the same.
    • All opportunities with conversion rates will use the new rate.
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      “Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to expand its use of Salesforce and start tracking orders on accounts.
      NTO has hired a consultant to complete the project.
      Which two considerations should the consultant take into account when implementing sales orders’ Choose 2 answers”

      • Order line items can be added or removed after an order is activated.
      • Products have to be manually added to a cloned order.
      • Contract Number is a required field on the order page layout.
      • Organization-Wide defaults must be set to Controlled by Parent.
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        “Cloud Kicks has 300,000 account records and 16 million invoices In a custom object with a master-detail relationship to the Account. Each account record takes a long time to display due to the rendering time of the invoice related list.
        What should the consultant do to solve this issue?”

        • Enable Collapsible Sections for the Invoice related list
        • Move the invoice related list to a separate tab on the Lightning page.
        • Convert the Invoice object into a lookup relationship.
        • Enable indexing on all visible fields on the invoice related list.
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          “Universal Containers’ (UC) sales reps have said there are too many reports and dashboards which makes it hard to find what is important to them.
          What should a consultant recommend that use to solve this issue?”

          • No Answer
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            Enhanced Folder Sharing


            “Cloud Kicks wants to send a notification to sales reps when their opportunities remain open past the close date.
            Which two solutions should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement? Choose 2 answers”

            • Add sales reps to the Opportunity Team.
            • Instruct sales reps to follow their opportunities.
            • Enable Einstein Opportunity Insights.
            • Use Flow with a scheduled action and an email alert.
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              “Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to migrate data from its existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to CK wants to organize its data using the unique ID that is a number type in the ERP.
              What should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement?”

              • Map the ERP unique ID to a custom external ID unique number field.
              • Create a text field and insert the ERP unique ID.
              • Use the ERP unique ID as the Salesforce ID.
              • Create an external ID unique number field in the ERP labeled ERP unique ID.’
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                “The marketing team is using a separate platform for managing prospects and wants to hand off qualified prospects to the sales team.
                How should the consultant meet this requirement?”

                • Create Salesforce users for the marketing team so they can enter leads directly Into Salesforre.
                • Recommend an integration with the marketing platform that creates leads in Salesforce
                • Recommend an integration with the marketing platform to Salesforce that generates tasks with lead information.
                • Create a report of Salesforce leads and compare it with marketing data on a regular basis.
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                  “Cloud Kicks has enabled Orders to track and manage customer requests for products. The sates team has requested a process to return or reduce the quantity of activated Orders.
                  Which two Salesforce features should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement Choose 2 answers”

                  • Enable Orders without Price Books.
                  • Enable Zero Quantity Orders.
                  • Enable Negative Quantity for Order Products.
                  • Enable Reduction Orders.
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                    “The Discovery phase with Cloud Kicks (CK) has just ended. CK wants a visual way to see how the new processes will work. CK’s process is complex and requires multiple slides.
                    What should the consultant design to give CK this high-level view?”

                    • SIPOC Map
                    • Value Stream Map
                    • Capability Model
                    • Universal Process Notation
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