Sales Cloud コンサルタント PR

Salesforce Sales-Cloud-Consultant V19.65 #131〜140



Demonstrate that you have the knowledge to design and implement a Sales Cloud solution as a consultant.




“Universal Containers is migrating data from a legacy system into Salesforce. Which two considerations should a consultant take into account when importing Campaign Members?
Choose 2 answers”

  • Leads, Contacts, and Business Accounts can be Campaign Members.
  • The Marketing User feature license must be assigned.
  • The Campaign ID is required in the import file.
  • The Status of the Campaign Member is optional.
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    “A consultant has completed the Build and Validate phases of a Sales Cloud implementation at Cloud Kicks.
    Which step should the consultant complete next?”

    • Upgrade to the latest Salesforce Release.
    • Sign off on the statement of work.
    • Deliver training.
    • Complete a post-mortem.
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      “Universal Containers continues to see substantial growth year-over-year. Outside sales reps think their territories are too dense to cover adequately. Leadership has decided to modify the existing sales territories and hire additional staff to make the account allocations more manageable. Some states will change from one territory to two or more smaller territories. In these instances, accounts will need to be reassigned to new territories.
      Sales operations wants to review the territory account assignments and verify the accuracy before the changes are reflected in Sales Cloud.
      How should the consultant show sales operations what the data will look like after the change? ”

      • Use Tableau to geocode account addresses and display on a territory map.
      • Install the Territory Management Reporting Pack from the AppExchange.
      • Run the updated assignment rules in planning State and view the accounts on the territory detail page.
      • Use Data Loader to export the accounts and make updates in Google Sheets.
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        “A consultant it working with Cloud Kicks (CK) on its initial Sales Could implementation. CK wants its sales reps to be able to use Sales Cloud to track accounts, contacts, and opportunities before its global conference in
        4 months.
        What should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement?”

        • Set obtainable metrics, goals, and milestones for the deadline.
        • Deploy the Salesforce mobile app to the team prior to the event.
        • Reschedule the event to ensure functionality is complete.
        • Implement additional features to make the team more productive-
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          “Cloud Kicks requires its sales reps to 90 through an internal certification process on myTrallhead before they add specific groups of Products to Opportunities.
          Which two solutions should be used to validate that sales reps have completed the myTrailhead badge?
          Choose 2 answers”

          • Use a validation rule on Opportunity Products to prevent a sales rep from adding Products marked as requiring the myTrailhead badge if the rep has yet to complete the badge.
          • Use a Process Builder process on Products marked as requiring the myTrallhead badge to automatically share the Products with sales reps who have completed the badge.
          • Use a validation rule on Products marked as requiring the myTrailhead badge to prevent those Products from being added to an Opportunity.
          • Use a separate once book for the Products requiring the myTrailhead badge and only share the once book with sales reps who have completed the badge-
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            “The Universal Containers management team wants to help sales reps determine the nght time to contact prospects.
            What should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement?”

            • Implement Sales Dialer and begin cold calling leads to request availability.
            • Create a formula field to determine the prospects time zone.
            • Configure Einstein Lead Scoring to determine the best time to make contact.
            • Enable Email Tracking with reporting and activity timeline.
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              “Cloud Kicks (OC) sells Formal and Athletic footwear hoes. CK is using Product Families on Products to associate each product to its corresponding line. CK currently forecasts an Expected Revenue amount that combines all products together.
              A consultant is assessing how CK can divide its forecasts by footwear line.
              Which solution should the consultant recommend to improve CK’s forecasts?”

              • Configure a new Forecast Type on Opportunity Product grouped by Product Family.
              • Configure a new Forecast Type on Opportunity grouped by Product Family.
              • Use Flow to populate custom Formal and Athletic currency totals, then forecast by these Fields.
              • Make separate stages and sales processes for each Product Family.
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                “Each product engineer at Cloud Kicks supports 3 specific product lines. There are three product lines. Sales reps sell all the company’s product lines; Sales management wants the appropriate product engineer automatically assigned to any new Opportunity for their product line with Read-Only rights.
                What are two actions the consultant can take to meet the requirement? Choose 2 answers”

                • Manually assign a product-specific role to each product engineer.
                • Create criteria-based opportunity sharing rules for each product line.
                • Enable Default Opportunity Teams for the Opportunity.
                • Enable Default Account Teams for each product line.
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                  “Cloud Kicks’ sales productivity is on the decline, while its competitors are more successful. The consultant has suggested Einstein Opportunity Insights.
                  Which three insights can this provide?
                  Choose 3 answers”

                  • Opportunity Representative Score
                  • Sentiment Analysis
                  • Follow-up Reminders
                  • Deal Prediction
                  • Key Moments
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                    “The Cloud Kicks marketing team wants to view and report in Lightning on any opportunities created as a result of 2 Campaign. Which two choices should a consultant recommend meeting the requirement?
                    Choose 2 answers”

                    • Use Data Loader to export Opportunity and Campaign Influence and merge the results.
                    • Enable Customizable Campaign Influence in Setup.
                    • Add the Campaign Influence related list to the Opportunity page layouts.
                    • Create a joined report between Opportunity and Campaign to show influence.
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