Sales Cloud コンサルタント PR

Salesforce Sales-Cloud-Consultant V19.65 #91〜100



Demonstrate that you have the knowledge to design and implement a Sales Cloud solution as a consultant.




“Cloud Kicks (CK) has just started selling its products internationally. Management wants Salesforce Opportunities and forecasting to reflect the respective currency of CK’s prospects which include the U.S.
dollar, euro, British pound, and Japanese yen.
In which two ways will this impact the existing CK price book?
Choose 2 answers”

  • Each user can select their personal currency.
  • Opportunities to multinationals can induce more than one currency.
  • Each currency requires its own custom price book
  • Every currency price needs to be added to all of the products in the standard price book.
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    “The consultant at Cloud Kicks has noticed that sales data is quickly outdated and wants to keep Account data current.
    What should the consultant recommend to maintain current Account information?”

    • Build a weekly data update from in-house systems to refresh data in Salesforce.
    • Email the contacts and leads to obtain their current information.
    • Enable Automated Account Fields in Setup.
    • Use third-party data to update and add records to Salesforce.
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      “During the last requirements meeting. Cloud Kicks team members said they will be taking the next week off to attend a conference.
      What should a consultant do in response to this news?”

      • Ask the client to sign off on requirements and start the build.
      • Update the solution design while the team is out of the office.
      • Set up two requirements workshops for the following week.
      • Update the project plan and communicate it to stakeholders.
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        “Cloud Kicks (CK) has two sales divisions: a franchise sales division and a public sales division. The sales reps for each division have different user profiles. The sales reps for the franchise sales division should only be able to set up Business Accounts.
        What should the consultant recommend meeting this requirement?”

        • Remove Person Account Record Types from the franchise sales user profile.
        • Ensure there are a minimum of two Record Types for Person Accounts.
        • Use sharing rules to share Accounts between franchise and public divisions.
        • Ask Salesforce Support to disable Person Accounts in CK’s org.
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          “Cloud Kicks (CK) has a custom object, Project__c, that has a lookup relationship to the Opportunity object.
          The CK project manager has requested a report that includes both Project__c and Opportunity data. What should the consultant use to include data from both the Project__c and Opportunity objects in one report?”

          • Matrix reports
          • Junction reports
          • Cross-object filters
          • Custom report types
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            “Universal Containers is planning to migrate two million account records and 10 million contact records from its existing legacy CRM application to sales cloud.
            Which solution should the consultant recommend?”

            • Batch Apex
            • Data Import Wizard
            • Data Loader
            • Third-party tool
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              “The Cloud Kicks team needs to quickly look up contacts, accounts, and opportunities and easily log calls from their mobile phones. Due to limited coverage in certain geographic areas, the team wants access to customer information while out of the office and when they are without an internet connection.
              Which two steps should the consultant recommend? Choose 2 answers”

              • Enable Salesforce Inbox.
              • Enable caching and Offline Edit.
              • Enable Mobile SDK.
              • Download the Salesforce mobile app.
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                “Universal Containers (UC) wants to make it easier for sales reps to log their customer interactions, such as emails and events, directly from their email and calender applications. UC wants to report on these activities in Salesforce.
                Which two actions should the consultant recommend?
                Choose 2 answers”

                • Implement Inbox to sync Outlook or Gmail calender events.
                • Log emails with records in Salesforce from Outlook or Gmail.
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                  Cloud Kicks (CK) hired a consultant to analyse its Selesforce forecasting configuration end advise CK on how to improve it. The consultant found opportunities in the Value Proposition stage showed up m Collaborative Forecasting inconsistently, which led to inaccurate reporting What should the consultant recommend to ensure that opportunities show up consistently?

                  • Make the Forecast Category a required held.
                  • Change the Forecast Report to include Forecast Category.
                  • Map opportunity stages to the Forecast Category.
                  • Add a validation rule to the Forecast Category.
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                    “Cloud Kicks (CK) recently finished a redeployment of is Lightning pages. CK users report that Lightning pages are loading slowly CK management wants to consider the impact this has on adoption.
                    Which two toots should the consultant recommend that CK use to evaluate lightning pages?
                    Choose 2 answers”

                    • Guidance for App Butter
                    • Lightning usage App
                    • Performance Analysis for App Builder
                    • Real-Time Event Monitoring
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