Sales Cloud コンサルタント PR

Salesforce Sales-Cloud-Consultant V19.65 #101〜110



Demonstrate that you have the knowledge to design and implement a Sales Cloud solution as a consultant.




“Up to this point, two sales have had separate accounts and opportunities. Sales Rep A wants to include Sales Rep B in a few opportunities on one account.
Which two actions can Sales Rep A allow Sales Rep B to do when Account Teams are enabled and used for this account? Choose 2 answers”

  • Grant Read access on the account’s cases.
  • Edit all opportunities on the account.
  • View the account and keep activities private.
  • View one of the opportunities on the account.
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    “Cloud Kicks’ (CK) high-value opportunities are delayed in the approval process because sales managers’ approval requests go unnoticed for various reasons. CK wants to streamline the approval process and give sales managers more ways to approve opportunities in a timely manner.
    Which two strategies should the consultant recommend to improve the approval process?
    Choose 2 answers”

    • Enable approvals by email for the approval process for high-value opportunities.
    • Allow managers to approve or reject requests via the Approval Requests tab. Build an automation to approve high-value opportunities.
    • Build an automation to approve high-value opportunities.
    • Create a dashboard of pending approvals and add it to the Chatter feed.
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      “Universal Containers compensates its sales team based on their achievement of the company’s sales revenue goals. The sates ops team needs to track the sales reps’ performance against these goals.
      How should the consultant meet the requirement?”

      • Construct Opportunity Reports with custom formulas to show attainment.
      • Build automation to aggregate and report on revenue attainment from the User object.
      • Configure custom objects and use automation to calculate and stone attainment.
      • Configure sales quotas and compare quota attainment on the forecast.
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        “The admin at Universal Containers is attempting to retire a Product, but they are receiving an error because the Product is associated to an Opportunity.
        What should the consultant recommend to resolve the issue most efficiently'”

        • Remove the related Product from all Opportunities and Quotes.
        • Archive the Product or Price Book and each related Price Book entry.
        • Edit the Product record and uncheck the Active field.
        • Create a Flow to automatically delete the Product from the Price Book.
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          “Universal Containers has implemented Salesforce for all of its sales associates. All Sales associates are required to select the win or loss status every dosed Opportunity. Managers like to measure the win ratio for all of the sales associates.
          How should a consultant meet the requirement?”

          • Build a custom report on Opportunity with custom summary formulas to show win/loss ratio.
          • Create a custom formula held on Opportunity to capture the win ratio for Opportunities.
          • Ensure that all managers have access to the standard Win/Loss report.
          • Build a custom lightning component to show the win ratio based on won Opportunities.
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            The Cloud Kicks (CK) IT team wants to enable Person Accounts in its Salesforce org. Which three prerequisites must be met before the consultant can enable Person Accounts? Choose 3 answers

            • User Profiles with Read access to Accounts must also have Read access to Contacts.
            • At least one Record Type should be created for Accounts.
            • The CK customer portal must be disabled to allow Person Account self-registration in the future.
            • The organization-wide default sharing is set so either Contact is Controlled by Parent or both Account and Contact are Private.
            • The organization-wide default for both Accounts and Contacts should be set to Public Read/Write.
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              “Cloud Kicks (CK) has a private Opportunity sharing model and leverages Opportunity teams to extend sharing. Occasionally, a team member’s access needs to be removed due to changes in sales structure.
              How can CK revoke Opportunity team access on an ad-hoc basis?”

              • REVISE
              • REVISEC. Remove the user’s Opportunity team member.
              • Remove the Opportunity team related list from page layouts.
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                “Multiple sales reps work together to close opportunities at Good Kicks. Management needs to know how much each sales nap receives on opportunities they dose to maintain accurate quota reports.
                Which solution should a consultant recommend to meet the requirement?”

                • Set the organization-wide sharing default for the Opportunity object to Private.
                • Create custom fields on the Opportunity object for sales reps to enter a credit percentage.
                • Enable Opportunity Spats and add the Opportunity Splits related list to Opportunity page layouts.
                • Enable Opportunity Team Selling and create a report grouped by Opportunity team member.
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                  “Universal Containers recently implemented Sales Cloud. Stakeholders want insights into how logging interactions with customers impacts the number of won sales deafs.
                  Which report should the consultant create to meet the requirement?”

                  • Closed Won Opportunities by Account
                  • Closed Won Opportunities with Activities
                  • Closed Won Opportunities by the sales team
                  • Closed Won Opportunities with Recommendations
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                    “Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to migrate a data file containing 8,000 leads from a legacy system into Salesforce. Many of the lead owners have left the company, so CK wants to populate the Lead Owner field for these records using the active assignment rule.
                    Which two tools should a consultant recommend to meet the requirement?
                    Choose 2 answers”

                    • Data Import Wizard
                    • Data Loader
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